How Hanna Andersson Grew Brand Loyalty and Engagement Through Resale

  • Over 55,000 items listed in the six months since launch
  • 90% of sellers choose to be compensated in store credit and go on to spend 2x their credit value on mainline site
  • 27% of sellers and 39% of buyers are new to brand or inactive on mainline site
  • 66% of PreLoved customers hadn’t made a purchase on the brand’s site in over a year and went on to make a new purchase after their PreLoved experience
Hanna Andersson

The Story Behind the Hanna-Me-Downs

Hanna-Me-Downs is a custom online destination that makes resale of the brand’s durable, made-to-last apparel and PJs as easy as ever. Since 1983, sustainability has played an integral role in developing the Hanna Andersson brand. Established as “the original sustainable children’s brand,” the brand sources high-quality fabrics, incorporates recycled materials, and utilizes leftover materials to craft durable apparel that lasts. Handing down used clothing has long been a popular way for parents to share garments with family and friends after kids outgrow them. Through its peer-to-peer resale marketplace, the brand introduced a new service that catered to this existing consumer behavior in a high-touch, branded environment.

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Hanna Andersson
Why Hanna Anderson Chose Archive

Archive has built the most efficient, advanced, and flexible technology on the market to support customized resale programs for every brand. While Archive’s products support resale needs for warehouses, brick-and-mortar stores, and online, Archive’s team helped Hanna Andersson determine the optimal business model for their brand. A peer-to-peer program was going to give the brand the best margin given the price point of their items, and would also play into existing consumer behavior: at the time, nearly 100,000 Hanna Andersson items were listed on 3rd party resale sites. The brand was also compelled by Archive’s investment in a true partnership; Archive provides ongoing support and expertise for the lifetime of the program via technology innovation, marketing guidance, and data analytics. 

Archive’s Recommerce solutions deliver a frictionless and delightful user experience for both buyers and sellers, which helps maximize engagement and conversion. Sellers can list their items with just a few clicks, as product photography and descriptions are pre-populated via a data catalog integration. Archive’s software also recommends an optimal selling price based on MSRP, existing inventory mix, and historical sales, eliminating any guesswork for the seller. Buyers enjoy a more curated shopping experience, along with easy sort and filtering functionality that can help find what they are looking for quickly—in addition to feeling more confident when purchasing on a branded platform. Resale has also helped the brand reengage lapsed users; 66% of resale customers hadn’t made a purchase on the brand’s mainline site in over a year, and went on to make a purchase on the mainline site after engaging with PreLoved.

By partnering with Archive, when customers shop Hanna-Me-Downs it truly feels like an extension of shopping the brand directly and our team is involved every step of the way.

- Chief Product Officer at Hanna Andersson
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