building profitable resale businesses

We’re hyper-focused on building incredible resale experiences for consumers that drive profitable outcomes for our brands. At the core of our software is resale intelligence—built to enable scalability, drive conversion, and maximize engagement.

inventory insights

We provide unparalleled insight into every secondhand SKU—including its condition, location, origin history, and more. This enables brands to easily see what inventory they have, build an accurate business case for resale, and allows for easy reporting and accounting.

Universal Integration

Our technology was built to connect with any existing systems, including gift card providers, ERPs, and loyalty programs. We also ingest product catalog data in any format, so that brand photography and item descriptions auto-populate on product detail pages.

Identification & Cataloging

For brands sitting on unknown inventory, our resale ops technology identifies, conditions, and values those products, as well as constructs and maintains a catalog of all of that product data.

Dynamic Pricing

We’ve built an algorithm that takes into account MSRP, item condition, existing inventory mix, and other variables to determine the best-selling price for sellers and brands. Our pricing optimizes for sell-through without compromising on profitability.

intelligent routing

Our inventory processing system takes into account resale price and the cost of necessary repairs, ensuring every item sold maintains profitable margin for our partners. If we can’t sell something profitably, we will route the item for recycling or donation.

Data-driven Marketing

Our team supports our brand partners with traffic and conversion optimization tactics, best practices for resale messaging, and building strategies for an ideal marketing mix. We also build supply and demand models, to ensure maximum revenue potential for our partners.

Smart Merchandising

Merchandising for resale can be difficult, with no predictability in supply or depth of SKU. Our business tools allow for collection curation and thoughtful filters to provide an enjoyable shopping experience.

Retail Replenishment

Whether in a warehouse or in-store, we know exactly where each item should go for seamless fulfillment. Our replenishment tools can route an optimal assortment of items to your stores, leveraged against each store’s current inventory and sales history.

Modular Architecture

Our technology allows for complete flexibility to add bespoke features and customize the brand experience—without adding additional development time.

Our team of Experts

When you work with Archive, you get access to our team of resale experts who help you grow and scale your resale business over time. From a curated marketing strategy to building supply and demand, our team is here to help your resale program meet its full potential.

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