Our Solutions

We’ve built the most forward-thinking and flexible operating system for resale, enabling our brand partners to launch any resale model in just a few months—with little to no development resources required.


Offer a completely customized, best-in-class user experience while maintaining control of your brand.

  • Quick, frictionless listing with auto-populating photos and descriptions
  • Algorithmic pricing recommendations remove guesswork and optimize sell-through
  • Intuitive, curated shopping experience with custom merchandising and filters
  • Build supply from any channel: brand-owned, peer-to-peer, trade-in
  • Retain brand control through listing review and collaborative design
Woman holds hand in pocket displaying tan trousers and a white button up shirt
Woman holds hand in pocket displaying tan trousers and a white button up shirt


Maximize profit and impact with item intelligence and resale ops technology.

  • Leverage our integrations with experienced resale logistics partners—or set up in your own warehouse
  • Maximize margin with dynamic processing for repairs, cleaning, and photography
  • Offer a range of end-of-life solutions: resale, recycling, and donation 
  • Enjoy seamless listing and fulfillment for brands and customers
  • Maximize sell-through and revenue, with expert advice on matching supply to demand


Sell and trade-in secondhand items in store with ease.

  • Integrated technology for unified retail and recommerce strategies
  • Streamlined trade-in experience for consumers and store associates, minimizing lift for associates
  • Point of sale technology enables turnkey selling of secondhand items
  • Replenish in-store inventory with a custom mix of secondhand items
Woman holds hand in pocket displaying tan trousers and a white button up shirt
Flexibility to Support Any RECOMMERCE Model
Peer to Peer
In-store resale
In-Store Resale
Brand Supply
Brand Supply
Vintage Supply
Vintage Supply
Repair & Recycling
Repair, Recycling, and Donation
In-Store & Mail-In Take Back
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Industry Partners

By decoupling software from logistics and instead integrating with leading logistics providers around the world, Archive can provide the best economics for brands.


Offers environmentally-friendly cleaning technology and a suite of single SKU logistics solutions.


One of the U.K.’s leading circular and sustainable fashion fulfillment centers.


Enables brands to create and manage Digital Passports for individual items.


Powers trade-in and recycling for brands and retailers.


Provides footwear renewal services for shoes, boots, and sandals.