How Oscar De La Renta Built a Customized Luxury Resale Program

  • Distinctive luxury drop model with 8 curated drops in the last year
  • $490 - $27,000 price point range, with an $2,040 average selling price
  • Ability to host unique marketing initiatives, including the auctioning of Sarah Jessica Parker’s And Just Like That…premiere gown
  • Coordinated and showcased an exclusive collaboration with Christie’s New York

Oscar de la Renta

Oscar de la Renta became one of the first luxury brands to implement a customized resale program with the launch of Encore by Oscar de la Renta in November 2021. A brand hailed for its long history of illustrious collections, Oscar de la Renta envisioned Encore as a channel to pay homage to their brand heritage while extending the life and beauty of exceptional vintage pieces. The brand tapped Archive to develop a program to match the elevated experience its clients are accustomed to. Encore is carefully curated with hand-selected pieces from reputable collectors, clients, and vintage sellers, as well as the Oscar de la Renta archive. All featured pieces undergo a thorough authentication process by in-house archivists, and when necessary receive repairs by hand in their atelier. The brand also utilizes its own packaging and videography to ensure Encore delivers a complete Oscar de la Renta branded package.

Encore employs a "drop model" strategy to create a cohesive and curated shopping experience. The site is remerchandised with new pieces every 6 weeks. Each drop contains a selection of cocktail, eveningwear, skirt sets, and jewelry. The majority of these high-priced items are purchased online, including fine jewelry ranging up to $27,000. For those curious about the physical fit of an item, pieces can be couriered to the brand's New York brick-and-mortar, where customers are treated to exceptional Oscar de la Renta in-store services. With the resale shopping experience indistinguishable in quality and elevation from Oscar de la Renta's mainline, loyal clients have converted into valued Encore customers.

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Oscar de la Renta
Why Oscar de la Renta Chose Archive

Creating an elevated luxury resale experience was Oscar de la Renta’s top priority. Through creative collaboration and an advanced operating system, Archive’s design and technology teams successfully delivered an engaging and authentic user experience in just 2 months, with no tech development work required of the brand. 

Implementing a drop model with sophisticated features was also a top request from the Oscar de la Renta team. Archive effectively accommodated the model, providing flexible merchandising to swap out creative materials and imagery with every drop, and incorporating video and engaging content throughout the site. With Archive’s seamless resale software, the brand could host unique marketing initiatives, such as the auctioning of Sarah Jessica Parker’s And Just Like That…premiere gown, and showcasing the story and creation of items specially made for a collaboration with Christie’s New York. 

“Archive has proven to be the ideal partner to navigate the resale space. From the beginning, they listened to and addressed our needs head-on, creating a uniquely customized and fully branded experience. They have continued to innovate along the way, further enhancing the offer we are able to deliver to our client.”

- Alex Bolen, CEO at Oscar de la Renta
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