How The North Face scaled Renewed across multiple resale models

  • 72,000+ items processed in first 6 months
  • Archive’s proprietary Warehouse Management System (WMS) built in 2 months to manage resale operations
  • Archive’s proprietary Retail App built in 6 weeks to manage in-store take-back program
  • Rolled out in-store take-back program to 105 stores in the U.S. and Canada
The North Face

The Story Behind Renewed

In early 2022, The North Face approached Archive in search of a new partner to manage their Renewed program. Renewed initially launched in 2018 with the goal of enabling returned or damaged items to be repaired, recycled, or resold—ensuring products had a second life and avoided landfills. When the team at The North Face was ready to scale the program in a bigger way, they needed a partner that could not only deliver a high-quality ecommerce experience, but also execute the launch of a variety of resale models globally, such as peer-to-peer, take-back, and managed returns.

Archive was uniquely capable of delivering on these objectives, and within just 2 months, the Renewed website relaunched on Archive’s proprietary resale operating system and Warehouse Management System (WMS). To execute on the logistical side of the Renewed program, Archive integrated with Tersus Solutions. As the backbone of textile circularity, Tersus Solutions enables premium brands to participate in the circular economy through offering the world’s most advanced and environmentally friendly cleaning technology alongside a full suite of textile reclamation and single SKU logistics solutions. By decoupling software from logistics and instead integrating with world-leading logistics providers around the world, Archive can provide the best economics for brands.

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The North Face
Why The North Face Chose Archive

Archive was uniquely positioned to meet Renewed’s objectives by leveraging our key strengths.

  1. Best-in-class online resale experience
  2. Technical expertise, agility, and operational flexibility to scale the program into new resale models
  3. Commitment to long-term success of resale as a service

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