How Toad&Co Acquired and Re-engaged Customers with Resale

  • 32% of customers who joined ToadAgain are new to brand
  • 22% of full price customers become sellers on ToadAgain
  • More than 60% of sellers redeem their earnings with a gift card
  • 19% of customers who joined ToadAgain were lapsed for >6 months

A Uniquely Omnichannel Approach to Resale

Toad&Co, a lifestyle apparel brand dedicated to sustainability, embraced an omnichannel resale strategy through their ToadAgain program. Launched via an online resale marketplace in April 2023, the platform enables customers to buy and sell pre-loved items directly with one another. The marketplace also features brand-owned inventory, giving the brand an outlet to keep items like returns, damages, and items in need of repair in circulation.

The brand opened a dedicated processing facility and retail store in Portland, Maine a few months later to launch the ToadAgain Trade In program, offering an additional service for customers to keep used products in circulation. Leveraging Archive’s mail-in solutions, customers can send their pre-loved items directly to Toad&Co’s warehouse using a pre-paid shipping label. ToadAgain has also featured auctions on the platform—offering vintage pieces and donating a percentage of proceeds to charity—and also begun selling secondhand items in-store.

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Real Results and Customer Satisfaction

The ToadAgain program aligns with Toad&Co's mission to create socially and environmentally responsible clothing. By integrating a resale program into their omnichannel business model, Toad&Co has ensured an end-of-life plan for every item, with resalable goods routed for donation or recycling. By staying true to their brand ethos, existing customers have embraced the program, as well as driven customer acquisition. 32% of customers that joined ToadAgain are new to the brand. And to date, 22% of Toad&Co customers who join ToadAgain become sellers, indicating that marketing to mainline customers generates a valuable supply stream and drives further revenue through gift card upspend. Moreover, 19% of Toad&Co customers who joined ToadAgain hadn't made a Toad&Co purchase in over six months, and over 50% of these dormant customers have gone on to make a purchase on ToadAgain, underscoring the program’s potential to re-engage inactive customers.

To learn more about how Toad&Co is pioneering circular fashion, visit ToadAgain.

We have been impressed with the market response as our first-year volume nearly doubled our original goal. I believe as our entire responsibly-minded community becomes aware of this new service, ToadAgain will become a significant contributor to reducing our footprint further.
- Gordon Seabury, CEO at Toad&Co.
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