September 26, 2023
Written by
Meredith Blechman

A.L.C. A.L.Conscious Revolutionizes Resale with Recycling Integration 

Introducing A.L.Conscious, an innovative resale and recycling initiative from A.L.C., powered by Archive and SuperCircle. The launch of A.L.Conscious marks the first time Archive and SuperCircle have partnered to power a branded resale and recycling program that enables consumers to help build a more circular fashion economy.


Consumers will be able to buy and sell preloved A.L.C. items on the A.L.Conscious online marketplace, powered by Archive. Alternatively, they can opt to send in any preowned clothing for recycling, powered by SuperCircle, and A.L.C. will issue a store credit—even if the item was made by another brand.

Archive's partnership with A.L.C. was centered around devising a distinctive peer-to-peer platform that would resonate with the brand's community. The ultimate goal was to forge a trustworthy and all-encompassing resale hub where individuals could shop, sell, and recycle with confidence and ease. Archive joining forces with SuperCircle played a crucial role in realizing A.L.C.'s ultimate vision and opened up a unique opportunity for Archive to further refine customized resale initiatives. With this integration, Archive continues to offer brands versatile programs that facilitate deeper customer engagement through personalized resale experiences.


Since its inception in 2008, A.L.C. has championed ethical practices, from celebrating female artisans to reviving vintage classics. The brand is committed to limiting the impact they have on our shared environment. With this in mind, A.L.Conscious gives their community an opportunity to expand their closet, not their footprint. 

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“A.L.C. has always been anchored by a sense of community, and this program is an extension of us caring for, empowering and being accountable to our community”
- Andrea Lieberman, Founder and Creative Director of A.L.C.
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