November 23, 2022
Written by
Meredith Blechman

Djerf Avenue dives into brand-owned resale

Matilda Djerf poses on the Djerf Avenue Re-Sell home page

Djerf Avenue, the fashion brand founded by influencer Matilda Djerf that has risen in popularity by focusing on building a community across social media, has launched resale program Re-Sell in partnership with Archive.

Djerf Avenue Re-Sell is a new peer-to-peer resale experience where brand enthusiasts can buy and sell pre-loved Djerf Avenue pieces. The Swedish brand prides itself on designing non-seasonal, timeless items that can be passed on and re-worn for years to come. Given Djerf’s influence on social media and the brand’s largely Gen-Z consumer base, the goal of the program is to extend Djerf’s passion for sustainability to her audience by providing them an outlet to seamlessly give items a second life. Djerf Avenue Re-Sell is given prominent placement on the brand’s main ecommerce homepage to encourage buyers to shop secondhand.

Launching first in the US, the brand has plans to expand the program internationally in 2023.

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