June 20, 2023
Written by
Meredith Blechman

Faherty Goes Live With “Second Wave” Resale Program

Introducing Faherty Second Wave, our latest partnership that offers customers a convenient way to buy and sell pre-loved Faherty items.

Faherty flannels in various colors and prints


The new resale program allows customers to buy and sell pre-loved clothing through an online peer-to-peer marketplace, and Faherty will also list owned inventory. Second Wave provides an opportunity for Faherty to ensure that like-new inventory, including returns, damages, and samples, remain in circulation. These items are cleaned and repaired if necessary at our warehouse and 3PL, before being sold to buyers. 

Archive’s market-leading technology allows brands to build resale businesses that aggregate supply from any channel, be it brand-owned (excess inventory, damaged returns, etc.) or customer-owned (peer-to-peer, vintage resellers, take-back programs, etc.). This helps ensure a steady stream of shoppable items for programs with high demand. 

The marketplace marks the initial phase of Second Wave, though the brand intends to scale the program into retail stores in the future.


Second Wave represents another pillar in Faherty’s commitment to minimizing its own—and the fashion industry’s—impact on the environment. By designing durable garments from sustainable materials such as recycled and renewable fabrics, and utilizing lower-impact dyes and finishes, the company strives to create clothing with a lasting impact. Additionally, Faherty adopts plastic-free and responsibly sourced packaging, provides complimentary repairs, and actively works to prevent fabric scraps and products from ending up in landfills. Through Second Wave, Faherty not only offers a circular approach to fashion but also reinforces its commitment to making a positive difference in the industry and the environment.

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"We have always been committed to greater circularity and we are thrilled to partner with Archive to launch Second Wave…Resale is a natural next step in our growth as a brand that has always taken its responsibility to our customers and the planet seriously."
- Kerry Docherty, Co-Founder and Chief Impact Officer at Faherty
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