February 24, 2023
Written by
Meredith Blechman

Hanna Andersson Launches ‘Hanna-Me-Downs’

We are proud to partner with Hanna Andersson, the premier kids and baby apparel brand, to launch their resale program Hanna-Me-Downs. “Handing down” used clothing has long been a popular way for parents to share garments with family and friends after kids—often quickly—outgrow them. As an extension of their “Hanna-Me-Down philosophy”, the Hanna-Me-Downs resale program builds on the brand’s foundation in sourcing sustainable fabrics to craft kids clothes that withstand use wash-after-wash, and offers parents another avenue to hand down used clothes. The customized resale site aims to keep their comfortable yet durable PJs and apparel in wear for longer by allowing customers to shop and sell gently used pieces, aligning with the brand's mission to outfit the adventures of childhood.

Hanna Andersson's Hanna-Me-Downs homepage


Hanna-Me-Downs is a peer-to-peer marketplace that allows customers to buy and sell pre-owned Hannas through a verified and customized platform, providing clients with an authentic Hanna Andersson experience. For launch, Hanna Andersson is offering sellers an incentive in which they can redeem 125% of their sales via a gift card on HannaAndersson.com. Alternatively, sellers can opt to receive a cash payment.


Since 1983, sustainability has played an integral role in developing the Hanna Andersson brand that is known and loved today. Established as “the original sustainable children’s brand,” the brand sources high-quality fabrics and utilizes leftover materials to meticulously craft durable apparel that lasts. Hanna-Me-Downs serves as a natural expansion for Hanna Andersson and advances brand efforts to reduce excess consumption and build a circular community.

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“Through this program, we’ll build on our Hanna-Me-Downs philosophy and practically speaking, that circularity is a win for our consumers, the planet, and therefore Hanna.”
- Aimée Lapic, CEO of Hanna Andersson
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