July 12, 2023
Written by
Meredith Blechman

Embracing the Next Generation of Resale: Toad&Co’s Omnichannel Journey

In a world where sustainability is becoming increasingly crucial, companies are continuously seeking innovative ways to reduce waste and give items a second or even third life. Toad&Co, a lifestyle apparel brand, has wholeheartedly embraced the next generation of resale. With a focus on circularity and customer satisfaction, the brand has leveraged the full suite of Archive’s solutions to provide multiple channels for customers to breathe new life into their products, ensuring they stay out of landfills and find new owners who appreciate their value.


Toad&Co kicked off their circularity initiatives with the launch of their online resale marketplace, ToadAgain, in April 2023. Powered by Archive, the platform enables customers to connect and exchange pre-loved items directly with one another and offers users a wide array of quality secondhand goods, promoting circularity within their customer community. The marketplace also features brand-owned inventory, giving the brand an outlet to keep items like samples and returns in circulation.

The online marketplace was just the beginning for ToadAgain. With an objective to make it just as easy to buy pre-loved items as it was to buy new ones, the brand launched a ToadAgain Trade In program, which offers an additional channel for customers to keep used products in circulation. Leveraging Archive’s mail-in solutions, customers can send their pre-loved items directly to Toad&Co’s warehouse with a prepaid shipping label to receive store credit. Toad&Co uses Archive’s proprietary ReInventory solution, the most efficient single-SKU operations technology that identifies, conditions, photographs, and routes for resale, recycling, or donation.


Since launching ToadAgain, the program has received an outpouring of positive feedback from customers. As shoppers take more interest in sustainable shopping options, resale has been shown to drive loyalty and LTV of customers. 

“Just wanted to pass along my gratitude for your new ToadAgain program…You were already my favorite brand - for many reasons, but sustainability was a big one. Now, with this program, I have a way to rehome my favorite pieces of years past and they maintain their value! Keep up the awesome work!”

- Kathryn S.

Toad&Co's holistic approach to resale, combining P2P, brand-owned inventory, and Trade In with in-house processing, exemplifies how forward-thinking brands are thinking about circularity. The brand sees this as an ever evolving business unit, continuing to add new features and functionality that supports changing consumer behaviors and feedback. Archive is proud to power ToadAgain and to partner with Toad&Co to promote circularity, “all in the name of less in the landfill.” 

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