May 3, 2023
Written by
Meredith Blechman

Marimekko launches In-store Pick Up and Drop Off Service for Preloved program

Archive’s latest feature, now live with Marimekko, allows Preloved buyers to pick up purchased items in-store, giving customers more optionality and making it easier than ever to participate in the circular economy.

Inside the Marimekko store

How it works

Preloved sellers now have another option of getting their preloved items to buyers. Sellers can choose to ship to buyers directly or drop off their items at their preferred stores, free of charge. 

To participate, Preloved sellers must first select their preferred drop-off store(s) on the My Storefront page. Thereafter, whenever a buyer purchases an item from a seller who has opted into the pick-up drop-off service, the buyer will be prompted to choose between the pre-existing shipment options, or picking up their item at a Marimekko store location for free shipping. If the buyer selects “pick-up”, the seller will receive instructions to package and label their item and drop the package off at the chosen store within 6 days. Once the seller drops off the item, the buyer is notified to collect their purchase. Store associates efficiently facilitate the drop-off and pick-up process via a user-friendly interface running on Marimekko's existing point-of-sale system.

Archive support

After reviewing customer feedback, the Marimekko team approached Archive on how to best provide customers with in-store pick-up and drop-off functionality, with the goal of making resale more convenient and accessible for their community. The Archive team quickly designed and launched a solution that allowed Marimekko to successfully cater to the needs of their customers. 

This offering is an exciting development for the resale industry as a whole, highlighting how technology can be used to create innovative and client-focused solutions that help brands grow their programs and connect with customers in new ways. For Marimekko, it serves as a testament to their ongoing commitment to making preloved experiences as easy and exciting as shopping new.

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