September 5, 2023
Written by
Meredith Blechman

PANGAIA and Archive debut PANGAIA ReWear with EON Digital IDs

PANGAIA has teamed up with Archive and EON to launch PANGAIA ReWear, the first brand owned peer-to-peer resale experience that leverages digital IDs to enable one-click resale and authentication. The collaboration is a first step towards PANGAIA’s ambition to leave no garment behind, as the brand looks to the future to provide a suite of offerings that advance a product’s circular potential.


73% of materials used to create clothing worldwide end up in landfill or incinerated and it is widely recognised that circular business models have a crucial role to play in minimizing the impact of the waste generated from the industry. By giving its pre-loved apparel a new life, PANGAIA is working towards its vision to inspire and accelerate an earth positive future becoming a reality.

To list an item for resale, PANGAIA customers simply scan the QR code printed on the item’s care label. The integrated Archive and EON technologies will then automatically fill in all the information needed to list the item on ReWear. If an item does not have an EON Digital ID, the seller can still easily list it on the marketplace using Archive’s seamless listing flow.

This integration not only brings automation to the resale experience, but also instills confidence in buyers regarding the authenticity of their purchased products.


In 2021, PANGAIA and EON partnered together to launch item Digital IDs - QR codes that link individual PANGAIA products with a digital twin hosted in the cloud. This innovation allows customers to scan their items to gain access to product information and environmental impact data. The Digital IDs contain all essential product details—size, color, material, and origin—crucial for streamlining the resale process.

Seeking to enhance their circularity offering, PANGAIA enlisted the expertise of Archive to build a comprehensive program that ensured consumers have multiple avenues to keep their products in circulation and out of landfill. Through ReWear, the materials science company envisions a future where sustainability is seamlessly integrated into every aspect of its product lifestyle, empowering consumers to make conscious choices and extending the lifespan of products.


PANGAIA envisions a future where circularity is seamlessly integrated into every aspect of its product lifestyle. Archive’s market-leading technology was uniquely able to execute on PANGAIA’s long term, global vision for ReWear. Alongside resale, it has identified potential in a number of future services designed to close the loop: rental services, repair programs, aftercare solutions, and a take-back scheme that channels non-sellable items into a network of recycling partners. By offering a range of options, PANGAIA seeks to empower its community to engage with circularity at every stage of the garment's life, fostering a more sustainable and responsible relationship with clothing.

The PANGAIA ReWear marketplace is set to launch exclusively in the UK before scaling to markets worldwide. Explore now.

“Our goal is for PANGAIA ReWear to be more than just a resale platform. This is the first step towards making our vision a reality - the creation of a future where we are able to close the loop by creating a circular ecosystem for our apparel, powered by the industry’s leading technology companies. We are excited to begin to make our ambitions a reality with our partners - Archive and EON - by our side.”
- PANGAIA Collective
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