December 14, 2022
Written by
Meredith Blechman

Pas Normal Studios Launches Resale Platform for its Contemporary, Technical Cycling Clothing

We are excited to partner with Pas Normal Studios, a Copenhagen-based brand producing contemporary, technical cycling clothing, to launch their resale platform En Route. The brand honors the great traditions of cycling, but is above all committed to the patterns and colors that define state of the art fashion today. Pas Normal Studios produces high-end clothing with textiles and methods at the same level as demanded by professional riders, but also focuses on developing clothing created for long-term usage and durability.

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How it works

Pas Normal Studios takes great pride in developing high-quality, incredibly durable cycling gear, making their clothing perfect for resale. En Route allows customers to buy or sell pre-loved cycling wear through a customized ecommerce experience. Sellers can choose to redeem their earnings for 70% of the resale price in cash, or 100% of the resale price in a credit towards their next purchase at Pas Normal.

To encourage the listing of any and all Pas Normal Studios clothing, the brand came to Archive with an interest in allowing sellers to list items that needed repair. Our team added the new condition “needs repair” that a seller can select when listing an item, and a buyer can reach out to the brand for a local recommendation for where to have the item repaired. The brand will also be listing owned inventory, including returns and samples, to maximize upcycling in their production process and ensure as many items as possible are given a second life.

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Commitment to Sustainability

Pas Normal Studios is deeply committed to becoming an industry leader in sustainable practices and reporting. To help quantify the impact of their business, they have enrolled in the Science-Based Target Initiative and the Sustainable Apparel Coalition. Moreover, out of a heartfelt responsibility to promote the sport of cycling more sustainably, they are looking across all areas of their business–from the fabrics they use to the coffee served in their offices–for ways to reduce their environmental footprint. We are thrilled Pas Normal has chosen Archive to embark on a long-term ambition for circularity in their production cycle, starting with the launch of En Route.

At launch, En Route will be available in Denmark only, but the brand intends to expand their resale platform to additional countries in the near future.

Discover Pas Normal Studios En Route

“As a brand, one of the most effective ways of improving the longevity of our items is to encourage users to pass them on once they no longer have a need for them. By offering a platform to facilitate reselling, we hope users will buy in to this service, taking advantage of the quality and craftsmanship of our items”
- Charles Clarke, Social & Environmental Impact Lead at Pas Normal Studios.
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