November 2, 2023
Written by
Mary Kate Holmes

Peak Performance Launches WearAgains Athlete Auction

Peak Performance has launched an auction on their resale platform, WearAgains, that's set to drive excitement amongst outdoor enthusiasts and skiing aficionados. Top skiers including Kristofer Turdell, Elisabeth Gerritzen, Alex Hackel, and Justine Dufour-Lapointe are parting with preloved gear to offer a unique opportunity for fans to own a piece of history. 

Why an Auction Made Sense for Peak Performance

The Peak Performance team tapped their top athletes to get involved with WearAgains in order to combat the prevalent "one-and-done" mentality often linked to sports competitions. These athletes possess iconic pieces with remarkable stories, including gold medal-winning moments and breathtaking feats on renowned slopes. However, due to the conventions of sports sponsorships, these items tend to be used only once. Recognizing the potential for these high-quality pieces to remain in circulation, Peak Performance partnered with Archive to create an auction for WearAgains. The auction offers an opportunity for customers to acquire rare and valuable Peak Performance items that might otherwise go underutilized. 

How It Works

Archive's auction functionality enables customers to input their maximum bid for an item, with Archive's system automatically placing bids on their behalf. This streamlines the bidding process, allowing participants to engage without the need for constant site monitoring. All proceeds from the auction will be directed to the skiers' chosen charities or organizations, with Peak Performance generously matching the winning bid, up to 10,000 SEK per athlete or a total of 40,000 SEK. The auction will run from November 1st to the 5th.

About Peak Performance’s ReWear

Auctions are a unique opportunity to engage the Peak Performance audience, and this initiative marks the next evolution of WearAgains, which launched in April 2023. WearAgains embodies Peak Performance's dedication to longevity and circularity, allowing customers to conveniently shop and sell their pre-loved pieces. The program is accessible both online and at the flagship store in Sweden, giving customers multiple access points to keep their goods in circulation.

Explore the WearAgain's athlete auction now.

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