March 21, 2023
Written by
Meredith Blechman

Ulla Johnson Launches 'Preloved'

Introducing Ulla Johnson Preloved, our latest brand partnership to launch a customized resale program. 

Hailed for its custom prints, intricate embroideries, and fine tailoring, Ulla Johnson boasts a diverse range of products that have been sourced and produced using artisanal and handcrafted techniques from around the world. PreLoved offers a community-based approach to rejuvenating the brand's carefully designed pieces while reinforcing the brand's dedication to promoting ethical practices and environmental responsibility in the fashion industry.

Ulla Johnson Preloved homepage


Ulla Johnson PreLoved provides a seamless and sophisticated resale experience for customers interested in shopping or selling pre-loved Ulla items. Through the program, customers can effortlessly list their items for sale, with sellers having the option to receive cash or redeem their earnings as credit towards their next Ulla Johnson purchase. 

The program also incorporates a range of groundbreaking features that personalize the resale experience and encourage community engagement. "Ulla's Archive” is one such offering that allows customers to peruse and purchase pieces directly from the designer's personal collection. All proceeds from “Ulla’s Archive” will be directly donated to Dress for Success, a global non-profit dedicated to empowering women. "Heart's Desire" is another original feature that allows customers to track down the ones that got away by enlisting the help of Ulla Johnson's client services team. After submitting a request, the Ulla team will search through the archives and reach out to their community of re-sellers to try and find the most coveted pieces. 


For nearly a year, Archive worked closely with Ulla Johnson’s team as a thought partner to determine the best way to launch a resale experience that felt authentic to the brand. Ultimately, it was determined a peer-to-peer model with a high element of personalization was the best resale model to launch with. Ulla Johnson has customers that span a variety of platforms—the website, stores, and third-party retailers—and the peer-to-peer model allows the brand to engage with all of those customers in one place and build community around the brand. 

Like many brands, the biggest concern with launching resale—particularly via an online channel—was the visual representation of the Ulla Johnson brand and ensuring the product imagery looked cohesive when limited product data existed for certain items. Archive has built a number of mechanisms to ensure a brand has control over the content being uploaded to the site, including the opportunity to review listings in advance and ensure they meet brand standards. Archive’s e-commerce platform also includes features such as image enhancement, background removal, and sets photo guidelines to ensure each image looks uniform and cohesive on a landing page. When a seller is listing an item, they can select their item from the product catalog, or, if there isn’t data on that product, the seller can fill it in. With this new data, Archive is helping Ulla Johnson, like many of our brand partners, build a back catalog for items that existed prior to e-commerce.


For over two decades, Ulla Johnson has placed a high value on ethical sourcing and production, ensuring every unique piece is created sustainably and responsibly. With PreLoved, Ulla Johnson remains committed to this vision by promoting recommerce—from peer-to-peer resale to creative site features—to keep these beautifully crafted items in circulation.

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“Archive’s breadth of offerings and ease of integration have enabled us to create a one-of-a-kind program that feels authentic to the Ulla brand and that we can continue to grow in the future.”
- Ulla Johnson, Founder and Creative Director of Ulla Johnson
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