February 1, 2024
Written by
Mary Kate Holmes

Archive and ACS Partner to Enable Profit-Maximizing Resale Operations in the UK

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Advanced Clothing Solutions (ACS), the UK’s premier circular and sustainable fashion fulfillment hub. Our combined expertise and resources will enable us to provide apparel, footwear, outdoor, and luxury brands with a range of cleaning, repair, and fulfillment services for their secondhand items on a branded resale marketplace. With the collaboration, ACS will utilize Archive’s resale operations technology to maximize profitability and efficiency for brands embracing circular business models.  The first brands in the UK to leverage this partnership include The North Face and PANGAIA.

How it works

Our cutting-edge resale software has been designed to ensure accuracy and precision in identifying, conditioning, photographing, pricing, cleaning, repairing (if necessary), listing, and fulfilling items on a branded resale marketplace. Any items that are deemed unfit for resale will be recycled or donated. This technology is fully customizable for each individual brand to ensure healthy margins and compliance with brand guidelines.

ACS  operates a 200,000 square foot “fashion hub”. Their sustainable cleaning and repair solutions are designed to prolong the lifespan of fashion items, contributing to the creation of a more sustainable and eco-friendly fashion industry. 

The Future of Resale

To kick off the partnership, our team will work with ACS to power PANGAIA and The North Face UK’s managed resale programs. PANGAIA launched their peer-to-peer resale program, ReWear, last fall. With the program’s expansion, brand-owned inventory is sent to ACS for renewal and resale on their branded recommerce platform, powered by Archive. Similarly, ACS and Archive will process, clean, repair, and resell inventory from The North Face to launch their Renewed circularity program in the UK.

“I am pleased to announce our relationship with Archive which enables The North Face and PANGAIA to own their own resale channels in the UK, and marks a pivotal moment in our resale journey,” said Andrew Rough, CEO of ACS. “We consider this to be a game-changer for the UK fashion sector and we look forward to what we’ll be able to achieve together. Together with the team at Archive, we anticipate that we will onboard other fashion brands who wish to enter the pre-loved resale market in the UK which is growing quickly.“

At Archive, our mission is to help brands embrace the circular economy and take active steps towards creating a sustainable future for our planet. We understand the need for a comprehensive circularity solution that can be seamlessly integrated into existing business models, allowing brands to scale their resale programs over time. This is why we work closely with our brand partners, customizing our offerings to meet their specific objectives and needs.

To learn more about this exciting new chapter, visit Sourcing Journal.

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