April 22, 2024
Written by
Mary Kate Holmes

Happy Earth Day!

At Archive, our mission is to help protect the planet by keeping products in use for as long as possible - by giving an item a second life, its CO2e impact can be reduced by 82%! In honor of Earth Month, we're shining a spotlight on our brand partners who've rolled out innovative resale initiatives, all aimed at promoting secondhand shopping and ensuring clothing stays in circulation.


The brand threw an exclusive event at their Upper West Side store where customers had the chance to shop alongside personal stylist Liz Teich and featured a special rack of preloved M.M. pieces, including items straight from Liz's personal closet. The evening concluded with a special announcement: customers can now trade in their preloved M.M. pieces both in-store and via mail, receiving a gift card worth 15% of the retail value in return.


During April, Faherty is inviting customers to bring their preloved styles in-store for an exclusive discount off their next purchase. The more items brought in, the bigger the discount: 10% off for one piece, 15% off for two pieces, and an enticing 20% off for three or more. Additionally, those who choose to sell their items on Second Wave during April will receive an impressive 120% credit towards their next purchase on fahertybrand.com.


DVF is offering its New York community the opportunity to shop secondhand in person by showcasing a curated selection of preloved pieces at the brand's iconic Meatpacking location. For newcomers to the program, the team is distributing printed flyers with easy-to-follow instructions on how to sell items online.

Ulla Johnson

From April 22nd to the 30th, Ulla Johnson is incentivizing new and current customers to list items on Preloved by offering a 120% in credit as an alternative to direct payment. The credit can be used towards their next UllaJohnson.com purchase. Moreover, for those shopping on Preloved, a percentage of proceeds will be donated to Natural Resources Defense Council, an advocacy group dedicated to protecting the planet, wildlife, and people. 


On April 22nd, SAIL is offering free ReSAIL shipping for the day, encouraging customers to shop secondhand online vs new.

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