April 2, 2024
Written by
Mary Kate Holmes

Unpacking Brand-Owned Resale on The Untangling Circularity podcast

There's a plethora of misconceptions and queries surrounding the ever-popular topic of resale. Questions like, how do brands implement resale programs? What role does a resale software provider play? How are individual products handled and made available for resale? And most importantly, how can brands ensure profitability from such programs? With the global secondhand market projected to hit $350 billion by 2028, it's imperative for brands to acquaint themselves with this space if their aim is to continue to acquire new customers, drive brand loyalty, and boost revenue.

Join us as our team and partners sit down with hosts Cynthia Power and Laura Novich on The Untangling Circularity podcast to tackle these questions and more. Airing weekly from April 4 to 18, this Earth Month special will spotlight four key players in the fashion circular economy, providing valuable insights for brands aiming to approach resale with profitability and efficiency in mind. These episodes promise to equip listeners with a comprehensive understanding of the 'what' and 'how' of resale across apparel, footwear, and beyond.

  • Episode 1: Dive into the history of brand-owned resale with Archive Co-Founder and CTO Ryan Rowe and Tersus Solution CEO Peter Whitcomb as they discuss how their companies have adapted to meet modern brand needs. 
  • Episode 2 & 3: Listen to leaders from Faherty and Dr. Martens as they provide case studies detailing the motivations behind launching their resale programs, challenges faced, successes achieved, and tactical advice for brands contemplating similar ventures.

Tune in to the Untangling Circularity Podcast, available on Substack, iTunes, Spotify, and wherever you listen to your podcasts

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