April 22, 2024
Written by
Meredith Blechman

M.M.LaFleur Expands Program with Trade-In

M.M.LaFleur is expanding their resale program, Second Act, to include mail-in and in-store trade-in. With this expansion, M.M.LaFleur—which was the first to launch a branded resale program with Archive in February 2021—is providing their customers with yet another way to engage in the circular economy and keep their clothing out of landfill.

Second Act

Second Act launched as a peer-to-peer resale program, where customers could buy or sell pre-loved items directly to and from one another. Through this model, the program has seen consistent double digit growth year over year the past three years, even with minimal investment from the brand. Second Act continues to drive incremental, profitable revenue, spurred by an engaged user base of over 10K unique customers that buy, sell, and engage with Second Act.

Given the positive consumer response to Second Act and continued growth, the brand added a new supply channel for Second Act earlier this year to match increasing demand. They now send owned inventory like damages and returns to be cleaned, repaired (if necessary), and processed by Archive’s 3PL partner and then listed for sale on their resale marketplace.

With this month’s launch of both mail-in and in-store trade-in, the program opens up yet another supply channel for Second Act, while also giving customers another avenue by which to ensure their pre-loved clothing remains in circulation. Whether they are trading in their items in person at select stores, or by mail using a prepaid shipping label, customers will receive a gift card to use towards their next M.M.LaFleur purchase. 

Sell, shop, or trade in M.M.LaFleur items on Second Act.

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